Special Inclusions

The purpose of this category is to show that flaws not only can be beautiful but add a unique characteristic to a stone. A long time ago, nobody cared for gems that were not flawless. An Aquamarine had to be clean, free of "impurities" to be considered good. The same for Diamonds,
Amethysts and all the Quartz varieties. The only gem to have enhanced value by inclusions was
Amber. As time passes and the world evolves, some people started to realize that inclusions are a whole world inside a gem. They can tell stories that trace to millions of years ago, how the stone was formed, what happened along the way, even how the weather was like back then.
In my opinion, apart from all  already mentioned, I think the best about inclusions is that they are all one of a kind. You can cut a million Amethysts that look all exactly the same, but an Amethyst with a Cristobalite inclusion.. each one will be unique.


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 Anatase and Rutile in Quartz


 Quartz with Dumortierite inclusions



Green Uvite in Quartz


  Quartz with Dumortierite inclusions


 Quartz with Dumortierite inclusions and a Quartz crystal inside.


 Dumortierite inclusions in Quartz


Quartz with Dumortierite inclusions